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Bathroom Lighting Guide

bathroom lighting ip ratings

Bathroom Lighting

When choosing your bathroom lighting it is not just the style to suit your décor that is important, but also the safety of the fitting going into a bathroom must be considered.

Bathroom regulations stipulate that any light fitting going into a bathroom must be IP rated, the rating depends on the area (zone) of the bathroom it is in. (see diagram below).

IP rating means Ingress Protection rating, Ingress means entering. This would relate to water or steam entering the light fitting, therefore the higher the rating the higher the protection against water and steam.

The ratings are usually 2 digits; the first number represents the protection against solid objects and dust. The second number represents protection against fluids.

Bathroom Zones

Different areas (zones) in the bathroom require different IP rated fittings.

Zone 0 – This is the area directly inside the bath/shower. These areas are required to have light fittings that are IP67 rated. The 6 means it is totally protected against dust and the 7 means it is protected against the effects of immersion between 15cm and 1m.

Zone 1 – This is the area above the bath/shower up to a height of 2.25 meters. Light Fittings in this area must be rated at IP44. The 4 means it is protected against solid objects over 1mm (tools/Wires/Small Wires) the second 4 means protection against sprayed water from all directions.

Zone 2 – This zone also requires IP44 rated fittings and is the areas directly next to Zone 1 up to 60cm perimeter of the bath and shower and wash basin.

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