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Ceiling Fans

A ceiling fan can be a good investment for your home. Use in the summer and you will benefit from the blades cooling effect. Operate in the winter and the blades can be reversed to re-circulate warm air.

A fan is installed pretty much the same way as a light fitting but you must ensure the fans blades are not too close to anything. A good guide is to fit approximately 8in from any obstruction, the fan should also be installed at least 7ft 6in from the floor. Ceiling fans are not suitable for installation in a bathroom.

Fantasia Fans are available in different sizes ranging from 36” to 56”, have a look at our guide below which suggests suitable fan sizes for different room sizes.

12ft x 12ft 36” or 42”

15ft x 12ft 42” or 52”

20ft x 14ft 52”

25ft x 12ft 2 x 42” or 1 x 52”

The above guide is based on a ceiling height of 8ft 2”. If the ceiling is higher then a drop rod should be used.

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