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Cookie Policy

Committed to using cookies responsibly to provide you with a secure reliable service.

To ensure our website can be used as efficiently as possible The Lite Spot uses cookies. A cookie is a piece of data stored on your hard drive while you are visiting our website. It does not contain any personal information. This enables full functionality of our website. Once the browser is closed, the cookie is destroyed with the exception of website login cookie as this enables you to login on to the website without having to type it in everytime. You will have selected the "Remember me" check box.

In accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and the EU directive - known as the "Cookie Directive" the following activities may set a cookie on your computer.

  • When you access our site we store a session cookie which holds a random unique reference so that we can determine how many unique visitors we have received. Once you leave our site or close your browser this is destroyed.

    This cookie cannot track you, it holds no information about you and cannot be opted out of.

  • So we are able to personalise your experience while using our website ie:- account access and allows you to re access your account without the need to login each time.

    This cookie cannot track you, it holds no personal information about you and can be opted out of by not checking the remember me tick box. It just holds your account number.

  • When you place an order online we have a cookie which stores basic information such as shipping courier preferences, country location and discount codes when used. Without accepting these cookies we cannot process your order through to completion. When your order is complete all the cookies are destroyed.

    This cookie cannot track you and cannot be opted out of.

By using our website and or selecting remember me options you are consenting to the use of cookies.

In addition we may at times use cookies to analyse website usage by using Google Analytics. We use Google Analytics to identify pages viewed, geographical locations, number of visits and how long you spend on our website.

None of our cookies store any personal information.

You can opt out of Google Analytics by visiting their opt out site or by adding tracking protection add ons to your browser such as "stop Google tracking".