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Outdoor Lighting

A simple external wall light or pedestal can make all the difference to a garden area. You can extend your year of al fresco dining by providing the ambient lighting to illuminate your evening.

Outdoor lights can also act as a security mechanism – with Pir or dusk to dawn sensors making an area more burglar or intruder proof. These can be both functional and decorative fittings and these days can use low energy lamps to reduce your fuel bills.

Garden lighting also needs to be IP rated to protect your fitting from the elements.

Rock lights or or plug and go systems can improve border areas giving low key lighting which can provide dramatic results against flowers, shrubs and fencing.

A plain old garden wall can be transformed by adding pedestal lighting or brick lights. You can even have a “Narnia” effect with lamp posts of all shapes and sizes.

With all outdoor lighting you have to remember that in some areas of the country the elements will always win! This mainly applies to coastal areas where sea salt can affect the outdoor lights. As technology changes though this is not always a problem as specially coated outdoor lighting is more resistant to the elements.