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The Antler Collection By David Hunt Lighting

Posted on 15 August 2018

The Antler collection of lights is quite possibly the most iconic group of products created by David Hunt Lighting, and it is easy to see why. These spectacular pieces are all made by hand in their Cotswold workshop, with the full range now consisting of over 30 products. We were lucky enough to speak to Hollie Moreland, who is the Creative Director at David Hunt Lighting, for a unique insight into these stunning pieces by their creator.

Hollie tells us that the Antler Collection started small, but its continued popularity has catapulted it to where it is today “I developed the first Antler fitting with Product Manager Stephen in the winter of 2009. When we launched the Antler collection, the reception it received was brilliant. We started with a 5lt pendant and a table lamp with matching handed wall lights and that has grown into a collection of over 20 pieces”

Today wall lights, table lamps, mirrors and a fabulous collection of chandeliers are all available in your choice of hand applied finish. As standard your choice of finish is either the traditional dark rustic brown or a lighter bleached version, although solid white and black painted versions are also available if you are looking for a truly unique effect.

The entire antler collection is created by hand, using a synthetic resin material which is injected into castings that replicate the look of genuine deer antlers perfectly. We were curious if real antlers were used to create this effect so we asked Hollie, she says “Yes all the casts come from original antlers. We source our antlers from the Highlands. Antlers are naturally shed from the deer in the autumn months so they were easy to come across!”

By using this technique the delicate textures can be reproduced to create a light fitting that looks truly spectacular. Hollie continued to explain where her original inspiration came from “I wanted to work with an object that would showcase the extraordinary capabilities that resin offers in which it replicates the original object to a minutiae detail. Antlers were the perfect fit for our unique skillset of handcrafted pieces with hand painted finishes.”

David Hunt Lighting are known for creating beautiful lights that are inspired by nature, and nowhere is this more fitting than in the Antler collection. It takes a team of experienced and highly skilled craftsmen to produce these unique pieces, with each one going through several stages of production before the final product is complete. Once the resin has cured it is removed from the casts and individual components are then worked on by hand until they are ready to be painted in your desired finish.

The painting of each delicate piece is truly a work of art and skill, no machines are involved here. Hollie says “From start to finish an individual antler may go through 4 different people, a full fitting may go through as many as 8 different pairs of hands.” Once the parts have been prepared they are painted by hand with a bespoke stain finish that has been created especially for David Hunt Lighting and their Antler Collection. This is applied using nothing other than a paintbrush and the expertise of the craftsman, who will then rub away by hand sections of the antler to create the lifelike appearance, leaving a truly unique creation. By continuing to construct the antler range in this way it is also possible to tailor each one to your individual requirements. Hollie continues to tell us “The rich rustic finish is our best selling finish in the range, hand painted to replicate the authentic colourings of the real antlers, our bleached finish offers a softer tone for a more muted interior palette”

Bespoke pieces of the Antler Collection can also be created if the ones in the range do not exactly meet what you are looking for. Almost any painted finish can be replicated, check out the stunning gold and black finish table lamp below for a stunning alternative to the traditional rustic appearance – a truly unique talking point! This table lamp has been complemented with a black and gold 100% silk shade which softens the overall appearance and the contrasting texture works perfectly. Hollie adds “A bespoke 25 light fitting was made and delivered to a customer in Scotland. Not only was this a larger than standard piece but also a new colourway to meet the customer request.”

Each Antler ceiling light features a decorative ceiling plate that mimics the look of a block of cut wood and really finishes off the rustic appeal. The attention to detail does not end at the ceiling cup however. Decorative linked chain is used rather than simple links, and braided cable completes the luxurious aura of these stately pieces.

As the creator of the collection we were keen to find out which light in the David HuntAntler Collection was Hollies’ favourite, she says “My favourite piece is probably the Antler 9lt chandelier, it’s more compact than some of the larger pieces but still makes a wonderful statement.”

Finally we wondered if we could expect any new additions to the David Hunt LightingAntler Collection in the near future, Hollie says this is quite possible “We react to market trends and feedback, and always take this into consideration. Our latest additions have been the Antler wall washer and 3 light Antler and they have been very well received being in our top 10 products for the last 3 years.”

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