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Who invented the light bulb?

Posted on 01 September 2019

Humphrey Davy was the first person to investigate the use of electricity to create light. When electric current flows wires, their resistance caused them to heat up and create light. This also gave him a major problem, he needed to find something that could burn bright and last.

In 1878 Joseph Swan demonstrated a light bulb in Newcastle upon Tyne, unfortunately he didn’t get the patent until 1880 after making improvements on the original bulb. His home in Gateshead was the first ever in the world to be illuminated with a light bulb.

Meanwhile, back in the USA, Thomas Edison was also working on the same theory. His best results came in 1879, after returning to carbon filaments after trying many different products, he successfully lit a light bulb which lasted 13.5 hours. After much improvement on November 4th 1879 Edison filed for US patent on a bulb using carbon filament and connected to platina contact wires, this was the first incandescent light bulb.

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